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  • Sony FS7

  • Sony A7Siii

  • RED Komodo 

  • RED Epic Dragon 6K

Light Kit: 

  • 2xArri S30 Skypanel

  • 2xAstra 6X LitePanels

  •  2xQ20 Q-Lion Lithium Battery LED Lamp

  • 3x650Watt Arri Fresnel's with Chimera Softbox diffusers

Lens Kit:

  • Fujinon Cabrio Zoom Lens 20-120MM T3.5
    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens

  • Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm 2.8L IS USM

  • Canon Zoom Lens EF 8-15MM F4 L USM

  • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

  • Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Full Frame Servo Zoom Lens

  • RED Pro Zoom Lens 17-50MM T2.9 PL Mount 


  • 6xMatthews C Stands

  • 2xMatthews Sky Combo Stands

  • 3xManfrotto 1052BAC Stands

  • 4xExtension Grip Arms 

  • Matthews 24” x 36” RoadRags II Kit

  • Matthews 18X48 Solid Black Floppy

  • Matthews 40X40 Solid Black Floppy Top Hinge

  • TRP White Ultrabounce Floppy 48x48

  • TRP 18x24 White Polysilk 

  • TRP White Polysilk 48x48

  • White/Silver Bounce Beadboard 48X48

  • White/Silver Bounce Beadboard 36x36



  • Freefly Movi Pro

  • Ronin-S 

Camera Accessories/Specialty Camera Rigging:

  • Freefly Terro RC Car Kit (for mounting the Mōvi Pro Gimbal=Amazing Stabilized Tracking Shots)

  • RigWheels Cloud Mount Camera Vibration Isolator System(mount camera & mōvi to moving vehicles)

  • Red Rock Micro Wireless Follow Focus System

  • 2xTeradek Bolt 300 Wireless video(SDI&HDMI) Transmitter and Receiver 

  • Odyssey 7Q Monitor(comes with RAW bundle for FS7)

  • 8xVmount Batteries, SmallHD 502 Monitor HDMI/SDI 

  • Sony XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit for PXW-FS7(FS7 RAW RECORDING UNIT) 

  • Zacuto Shoulder Rig Kit 

  • Chrosziel MB 450-R2 Rotating Double Stage 15mm Mattebox 

  • Tiffen 4x4 Warm Black Pro Mist Filter Set 

  • Tiffen Bronze Glimmer 4x5.65 Filter Set

  • Cinesaddle Camera Mount/support


  • Tripods: Manfrotto 509HD Professional Video Head

  • Manfrotto 504HD Professional Video Head

  • Both Tripods Include Miller Carbon Fiber Legs

Drone: DJI Phantom4 PRO

Audio: Mix & Record, Isolate Master Audio Files, Client & Director Feed, Camera Mixdown.
Sound Devices 664 - 6 input /& 12 track /& Field Recorder (w/& CL-6) 

Boom Mics,Shotgun Mics, Lavaliers, Plant/Hidden Mics, Stereo Mics.

Schoeps CMIT 5U - Shotgun Boom Microphone

LOM Uši M/S Stereo Rig = Stereo FX/Ambience
DPA 6060 - Lavalier Mic (x7)
Sennheiser MKH 816 - Long Shotgun Boom Mic
Sennheiser MKH 50 - (x2)Super Cardioid Mic
Sanken COS-11D – Lavalier Mics (x10)
Omni Gooseneck - Wireless Plant Mic, Visor/In-Car Footage, Podium Mic (x2)

Wireless audio
Talent Mics,Boom Op Systems, Mono Stereo Camera Hops, IFB's,Comtek's, Director Feed.
Lectrosonics LMb L - Series Transmitters – 250mw Miniature Transmitters (x6)
Lectrosonics SMQV - Transmitters (x3)
Lectrosonics SSM - Micro Transmitters (x2)
Lectrosonics DCR822 - Dual Channel Slot Receiver
Lectrosonics HM – Boom/Handheld Transmitter (x1)
Lectrosonics SRC Dual Recievers - Dual Channel Slot mount ENG Receivers (x3)
Lectrosonics Cam Hop Camera Link - Scratch Camera Feed Wireless System (x2)
Lectrosonics LT Transmitters - Transmitters (x3)
Comtek IFB - IFB/Client Headset Receivers (x2)

Digital Slates, Camera Lock Boxes,Master / Slave Systems, Frame Accurate Jamming, Drift Protection, Editor Day-Savers.
Denecke TS 1/2 - Digital Timecode Slate (Mini Display)
Tentacle Sync - Timecode Lock Box (x5)

Hardware / Misc
Weather Protection, Battery Distribution, Monitoring Equipment, Expendables.
Ambient QuickPole Series 5 QP550 - 6 Foot carbon fiber boom 
Ambient QuickPole Series 5 QP5150 - 20 Foot carbon fiber boom 
Remote Audio HN7506 - High Noise Isolating Headphones 
Sony MDRZX110 - Client Headphone Monitors (x3)
Rycote Zeppelin Windshield & Suspension System- Wind Protection Kit with zeppelin, shock mount, and windjammer For Sennheiser 816
Rycote Cyclone Windshield & Suspension System- Wind Protection Kit with zeppelin, shock mount, and windjammer
Cinela Pianissimo - Boom Suspension, exterior Wind Suppression
Rycote Stereo System&Wind Protection Kit with zeppelin, shock mount, and windjammer for M/S stereo recording
Orca - Mixer bag with harness & rain/snow protection 


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